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Main Cafeteria

$0.00$5.5055 0.0mi

Cody's Test Shop

Cody's Test Shop

$2.99$0.0030 0.0mi

Classic Diner

$3.99$3.0035 0.0mi

500P Outdoor Patio Delivery Dining

$0.00$0.0020 0.0mi

Southeast Asian Fusion

Inspired traditional family recipes!

$0.00$0.0010 0.0mi

Aramark Cafe

$0.00$0.0050 0.0mi

Courtside Cafe Ultimate Demo

$0.00$0.0010 0.0mi



$0.00$1.0010 0.0mi

Equator Cafe Mission Bay

Located in the lobby of the Ron Conway Family Gateway Medical Building, an upscale convenience store that offers Equator coffee, fresh sandwiches, grab-and-go salads, and pastries.

$0.00$0.0020 0.0mi

Moffitt Cafe Parnassus

This cafe is on the second floor of the Moffitt hospital serving healthy and sustainable food options.

$0.00$10.0020 0.0mi

Starbucks TLV

Coffee, tea, subs and specialty drinks - for limited time only try our special seasonal drinks!

$4.00$0.0050 0.0mi

Stephen's Test Shop

this is a test of the urbanspace deploy

$2.99$0.0130 0.0mi

Carmel Market TLV

testing child store

$0.39$0.0050 0.0mi

Cuisines of East Asia

Classic regional favorites!

$0.00$0.0010 0.0mi

Chick-fil-A - TLV

$0.39$0.0050 0.0mi

Merchant Support Test Shop

$2.99$0.0030 0.0mi

The Ultimate Burger Shop

Dogfooding test shop

$2.99$0.0030 0.0mi