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Jump Asian Express Meal Plan

M0.00M0.0010 min0.5mi

Jump Asian Express Truck

Sodexo UAB Food truck

$0.00$0.0010 min0.5mi

WOW Wingery Meal Plan

wings and more

M0.00M0.005 min0.9mi

WOW Wingery

$0.00$0.0020 min0.9mi

Einstein Bros Bagels

Donuts Schmonuts! Einstein Bros Bagels offers a wide variety of bagels and schmears, sandwiches, salads, snacks and drip and blended coffee beverages. Einstein’s is the perfect place to stop and grab a bite to eat while on campus!

$0.00$0.0015 min1.6mi

ZeBi Meal Plan

Use your meal plan to purchase a combo at ZeBi!

M0.00M0.0015 min0.9mi


ZeBi - short for Zest Bistro is an exciting new dining location featuring fresh made sandwiches, salads, and gourmet grab-and-go items. Stop by for a breakfast flatbread made with cage-free eggs, or a sunrise muffin and Aspretto coffee. At the BEC for lunch or even classes? We have a variety of flatbread options or hot soups for you too! So good it is totally worth the walk.

$0.00$0.0015 min0.9mi


Late Night Eats

$0.00$0.0010 min0.6mi

Diner Meal Plan

Late Night Eats

M0.00M0.0015 min0.6mi

The Melt Truck Meal Plan

get your Meal Plan for @meltbham www.meltbham.com

M0.00M0.006 min0.7mi

The Melt Truck at UAB

@meltbham www.meltbham.com

$0.00$0.006 min0.7mi

Saw's Street Kitchen Meal Plan

get your Meal Plan at @SpoonfedGrill, www.spoonfedgrill.com

M0.00M0.0016 min0.7mi

Saw's Street Kitchen at UAB

@SpoonfedGrill http://www.spoonfedgrill.com/

$0.00$0.004 min0.7mi

Off The Hook Truck Meal Plan

get your Meal Plan at @RUHKT www.ryouhooked.com

M0.00M0.006 min0.7mi

Off the Hook Truck at UAB

American Food @RUHKT www.ryouhooked.com

$0.00$0.006 min0.7mi

Cantina on Wheels Meal Plan

get your Meal Plan for www.cantinaonwheels.com @CantinaonWheels

M0.00M0.004 min0.7mi

Cantina on Wheels at UAB

www.cantinaonwheels.com @CantinaonWheels

$0.00$0.006 min0.7mi

Cantina on Wheels

www.cantinaonwheels.com @CantinaonWheels

$0.00$0.003 min0.7mi

Hungry Howie's


$0.00$0.0016 min0.9mi


Subway. Eat Fresh.

$0.00$0.0015 min0.8mi

New China Town

New China Town

$0.00$0.0015 min0.8mi

Wings Around The Clock

It's about time you tried the best wings around!

$0.00$0.0010 min0.6mi


Authentic Italian Cuisine

$0.99$0.0020 min0.7mi

Fat Sams Sub Station


$0.00$0.0015 min1.0mi

Makarios Kabob & Grill

Quality Fresh Food Made to Satisfy

$0.00$0.0015 min0.7mi

Noni's Cafe

Burgers; Middle Eastern; Sandwiches

$0.00$0.0015 min0.8mi

Ranelli's Deli


$0.00$0.0015 min1.0mi

Roly Poly Southside

Rolled Sandwiches, Salads, and Soups

$0.00$0.0010 min1.2mi

University Grill

American Food

$0.00$0.0015 min0.6mi