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Pizza, Pasta & Salads at North Coast

$0.00$0.003 min0.0mi

Grab & Go at North Coast

$0.00$0.003 min0.0mi

Deli at North Coast

$0.00$0.003 min0.0mi

Stir Fry at North Coast

Fresh Salads, Sandwiches

$0.00$0.003 min0.0mi

Campus Cafe

late night fast food grab & go

$0.00$0.005 min0.1mi

Aftermath Cafe

$0.00$0.003 min0.2mi

Fusion Cafe

$0.00$0.003 min0.2mi

1st Floor Library Cafe

$0.00$0.005 min0.3mi

The Grill at North Coast

$0.00$0.006 min0.3mi

Coaches Corner Cafe

After working out stop by and pick up Starbucks coffee, espresso or cappuccino or a bite to eat. The menu features hot and cold sandwiches, chef and Caesar salads, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, soup and snacks.

$0.00$0.003 min0.4mi