Tapingo is the complete mobile ordering solution for campuses and campus dining. Our customers benefit from improved quality of life for students, decreased operating costs, and increased sales.

A Few of Our Campuses

Why bring Tapingo to your Campus?

Up To 17% Increased Sales
By giving students the ability to order items and browse menus from the comfort of their smartphone or computer our campuses see a measurable improvement in sales.
Save 8Days Spent Waiting Per Student
Students are no longer forced to spend time waiting in line for food, tickets, and more. This gives them control of their time and flexibility and allows them to engage with the campus in more meaningful ways.
Boost 7% In Customers
Peak hours can be difficult to manage for staff and frustrating for students in a rush. The ability to order before arriving at a shop means that students are no longer turned away by long lines.
Save Up To $40k Per Location
Staffing a Point-of-Sale station requires a team member. The Tapingo apps move the process of ordering and paying into the hands of the students. Staff can be used more efficiently to prepare food rather than take orders.

The Complete Solution

Tapingo is more than just a mobile app or web ordering software purchase. It's a complete commerce solution for your campus. Our team is hands on with deployment, on-going operations, and success on each campus.
Native Apps
Our native iOS & Android apps are the best in class. Our website is also easy to use for students without a smartphone.
Campus Card & Payment Support
Accept student cards and credit cards. Each campus shop is flexible. Tapingo works with the most popular campus cards so that payments are done seamlessly through our app and reported in the proper way.
Data Security
Data privacy and the security of customer information is a top priority. Tapingo is Level 1 PCI Compliant and uses multiple levels of encryption to protect communications, stored data, and all transactions.
Insights & Reporting
Campus-wide and shop level reporting are included in our powerful management dashboard. Tapingo also integrates with several existing reporting platforms.
Inventory Management
Use the dashboard to manage any special items, promotional items, and what's in/out of stock at any time from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
Rapid Deployment
Campuses large and small have deployed Tapingo very quickly in a handful of weeks. Our team is hands on throughout the entire process and handles much of the setup to ensure a successful launch.
Loyalty & Promotion Programs
Tapingo includes many popular loyalty, discount, and promotional features as a part of the standard solution.
Campus Branding
We proudly display campus identity imagery in our apps. Tapingo quickly becomes a part of campus life and the campus is a part of our apps.
Hands-On Marketing
Through physical and social media marketing our team ensures that students learn about and use Tapingo.
"Is Tapingo the future of all business? I think so."
- Robert Scoble

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Hear from Matt Camino, University of the Pacific on Tapingo

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What Our Campuses Have To Say

  • "As soon as I saw the solution I was sold. It was something we were looking for on our campus."
    Kris Klinger
    Director, University of Southern California
  • "It tells us when our foods is going to be ready. We can run down to the food court and pick it up."
    Jason Tolliver
    Director, University of Arizona
  • "We have found that the average purchase has a much higher transaction value than a walk-up customer. Today we are processing over 35% of all transactions on campus through Tapingo and our students love it!"
    Nirmal Palliyaguru
    Director, Santa Clara University
  • "Tapingo allows, from the university side, to show that food service can be on be on the cutting edge of not just food quality, but also technology."
    T.C. Eberly
    Director, Northern Arizona University
  • "In our first year it was 18% of sales, but it was 25% of revenue. So students were spending more when they were buying from Tapingo."
    Matt Camino
    Director, University of the Pacific

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