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  • "As soon as I saw the solution I was sold."
    Kris Klinger
    Director, University of Southern California
  • "It tells us when our food is going to be ready. We can run down to the food court and pick it up."
    Jason Tolliver
    Director, University of Arizona
  • "We have found that the average purchase has a much higher transaction value than a walk-up customer. Today we are processing over 35% of all transactions on campus through Tapingo and our students love it!"
    Nirmal Palliyaguru
    Director, Santa Clara University
  • "Tapingo allows, from the university side, to show that food service can be on the cutting edge of not just food quality, but also technology."
    T.C. Eberly
    Director, Northern Arizona University
  • "In our first year it was 18% of sales, but it was 25% of revenue. So students were spending more when they were buying from Tapingo."
    Matt Camino
    Director, University of the Pacific

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